Windows 8 Phone

Today I replaced my trusted Blackberry with a Nokia Windows 8 Phone.
It was a choice between a Windows 8 Phone and an iPhone, but as my network provider does not sell iPhones I opted for the Windows 8 Phone. I got a good deal getting pretty much unlimited Texts, Calls and Data for a few pence more than I was paying for my limited Blackberry tariff.

Form what I have seen around on different network providers I’m paying around half of what it would of cost to get an iPhone!

It’s a great phone with a nice big 4.7 inch screen and it feels nice and solid.

I set up the essential applications, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but had some very concerning issues with them, mainly that they didn’t update themselves when I got new messages, updates and notifications etc.
I was tearing my hair out, I removed and reinstalled the apps, checked for updates but it stayed the same. It would mean that I would need to manually check the apps for messages etc. every few minutes to make sure that I didn’t miss anything, I’d have to check while walking to work, while at work, while eating lunch, while drinking coffee, while going to the toilet, while fixing computers – but how would I check when I’m driving? I can’t miss any updates while I’m driving??!! What am I going to do?!?!

Oh, but hang on, I’m 42 years old, not 12, and really don’t give a shit if I don’t get any up to the second message notifications. The world won’t end if I don’t respond to some shit app request (all thought it might for the requester).
I have a life and a job and I’m sure I’ll get round to reading notifications when I get a few minutes free…..