After months of planning and lying about what I was doing, it is finally the wife`s 40th birthday!

I have spent months buying her 40 presents. Me and the kids coming up with ideas of what to get her. Some of the presents are useful, some of them are gimmick or fun things based on 40 years, and some of them, well some of them are for me!

I also spent ages sorting out how to give them to her and planning what would happen through the morning. A bit of teasing with the presents, making her guess what they were, as they were all in one box, she didn`t seem to like that! H read out what each present was about, in the form of some cryptic sentence. Somehow we managed to leave 1 present out of the box

I think that she was pleased with it all, she bloody well better of been as she got what she had been moaning about for months!! 🙂

I got what i wanted for my 40th
I got what i wanted for my 40th

Was also a very rare day, can’t remember the last time it happened, but Smokey, The Gladiator, The Ogre and myself were all together for a chat and a laugh, and boy was it a laugh.

At last all 4 of the lads together
At last all 4 of the lads together

As you can see the 2 sensible ones are on the right. The Gladiator, who we had not seen at his best for a long long time was doing his normal, tyre irons were mentioned, along with Grunda, the Stow and loads more shite, funny shite, funny shite that no one had a clue what it was about!!
There was also the obligatory `he`s gone missing` situation, where more booze was purchased, not sure why that was necessary as there was fuck loads there, but it did make for an interesting time.
Sadly due to family illness Smokey had to leave early, which has left me in a bit of a situation, mainly that there are now well over 30 bottles of cider in the garage that I got for him, it’s going to take me months to drink all that!

Almost a full get together

Today, an event almost happened where the creating force behind my snowey domains were together for the first time in years, our annual Easter Egg hunt for the kids.

Sadly the Ogre was not with us, which was a shame as I had cooked him 12 sausages on the bbq, and knowing how he likes his grub I didn`t want to let him down when he turned up.

There was Smokey, The Gladiator and Me (Snowey) together for a few hours, a few hours to have a catch up, a laugh, a piss take, some food, more of laugh, lots more piss taking, lots more food, even more piss taking, even more laughs and so on…
Highlight has to be when The Gladiator turned up with his sun glasses only to find that they were a pair of 3D glasses from the cinema. Oh how we have missed him!

We even managed to participate in a `Dads` egg and spoon race. Smokey tried to do a sneaky and hide in the toilet, but I wasn’t going to let him get away with that, so with the promise of a bit of bluetak to keep his egg on his spoon we had the race. Surprisingly Smokey won and took away the prize of an Easter Egg. Was gutted as I had my eye on that…

3/4 of the lads

It was a shame that The Ogre wasn`t there, but hopefully he will be coming to the Munters birthday in a few weeks time….