Time for something new

Its been a while since i have added any new posts to my site. Having no time and my admin interface not being 100% complete and up to date means its a massive pain in the arse to do stuff!

I’ve decided to move everything over to WordPress to make life easier. I have to keep up with changes to all kinds of web stuff and i just don’t have the time to do it any more. As much as i love doing a bit of php coding, its just too much of a time consuming job.

So I’m saying goodbye to a couple of features that i cannot currently port across – Quote of the day (QOTD) and reverse all visible text on a specific set of dates.
I might be able to add the QOTD back at some point, i might even try and write an add on widget thingy whatssit for it. The reverse all visible text however is probably not going to be possible. It took me ages to write that function for my old website and make sure that it all worked ok.

Anyway, WordPress it is from now on.