Today was the day to buy another domain!

Several years ago I purchased some unneeded domains from an old employer, they had been dormant for a while and the companies that they represented were liquidated, so I offered some money for them. Luckily the offer was accepted, so I took them and transferred them before they had chance to change their mind. I say that, it was only one person and they didn`t really have much idea about domain names, only that it cost them money and they wanted to save some!

Most of them have gone now with the exception of one, I have kept that as it has a kind of sentimental value as it was for the company that I had so much fun working at for so many years.

Its registration anniversary came up on the 30th May, so I decided to register the .uk domain that had been reserved for me. God knows / not sure what I will be doing with it but for the time being it points here.