Copper Sulphate Crystal

Today I have decided to end my crystal growing project with H and Tbone.

I had ordered 5KG of Copper Sulphate some 7 or so years ago and never got round to growing anything more than a very small seed crystal, mainly because the boys lost interest very quickly!!

But over the summer holiday i decided to give it another try. This time i spent just over 2 weeks on it, ending up with me using all 10kg of copper sulphate and running out of containers big enough to put it in.

I don’t have a laboratory in my house and it gets to a point where heating up 10 plus litres of copper sulphate solution takes far too long and becomes very complicated.

So 10KG / £60 of copper sulphate later, we have ourselves a 4KG crystal to show off – as you can see below.

H and the crystal
H and the crystal


The cost of an accident ?

Today was one of those days that every parent dreads, your child has an accident and needs to go to hospital.

Thankfully this time my dash home from work was only 4 minutes and not the hour it was in my previous job, but never the less not something that I would want to do again.

It started off as a some what minor accident, falling over while walking down a slight slope on the way to school and ended up with a split chin, not only split but also in the shape of a T! A proper split and bits were hanging down.

So off starts the cost of an accident…

The wife was at work and had paid for car parking – £3
We go to the local minor injuries clinic and pay for parking – £3
We have to go to PAH A&E where we park and pay for parking – £3
As it takes longer than expected we pay for more parking – £4
As the boy needed to go under a GA we had to pay for more parking – £4
Some snacks as we had not eaten all day – £6.32
A treat for the boy as he had been a brave soldier – £29.97

Total cost of just falling over – £52.29