Apple Mac`s, are they really as good as I am being told?

My first dealings with fixing some Mac issues today and to be honest a very disappointing one.

I`m always getting told by people that Mac`s are far more superior to PC`s and how much easier they are to look after! Really? Well today I leant that to fix a relatively simple problem of newly created users not being able to login, the whole Mac OSX Server needed to be reinstalled!

Seriously, I don`t think that in all the years that I have been fixing PC`s that I have had to reinstall to fix a software problem, with the exception of machines that have suffered hard disk failures that have corrupted windows way beyond fixing.

To me it seemed to be such a minor issue to fix yet it needed a complete reinstall.

It turns out that after a rebuild the same issue presented its self again which again needed a rebuild of the server.

Amazingly, again the same issue then reappeared yet again after everything had been set up, but this time it was fixed by rebuilding the OD database.

I wonder if that fix could have been done to start with. Hmmmm