Job Dodging – the new Workalergic

Today I stumbled upon, or rather was subjected to, a novel way of `Job Dodging`.

In par with `Workalergic` from the good old days (may they Rest In Peace), this was one unique way of getting out of doing any work.

It got me thinking, could I write some code to look at incoming requests and to reject them based on certain criteria? I could call in Project Job Dodging, or to use its highly secretive TLA codeword – PJD!

PJD could check for past issues in relation to the current incoming request and reject if there was found to be a link back.
PJD could check for the instigator of the incoming request against a black list of known previous trouble makers and reject if there was any kind of match.
PJD could check the time the incoming request was received against a complex matrix of maintenance windows and reject the incoming request if a match was found.
PJD could examine the audit trail of the incoming request against a very strict rule and location based criteria and if any deviation from complex predefined rules was found the incoming request would be rejected.
PJD could check the requirements of the incoming request against yet another complex matrix of skill sets and reject it if a mis match was found.

I will go away and ponder on that request, as im sure I could code that quiet easily, I just need to make sure that I get all the correct matrix and lists that are needed. Hmmmmmm