Well and truly up shit creak!

Well, 3 days into my new job and I get the phone call that I have been expecting.
My former employer seems to have been shafted by the people that were brought on board to force me out of the company.

Of course, I was only too willing to help – considering that the company was locked out of the entire computer system, there was nothing else I could do really.

It seems very odd to me that the people doing this were good friends with one of the Managing Directors, I mean why would you want to do that to a friend and to a company that is paying your wages? Very strange!

Anyways, I will do what I can to help them, not sure what I can do remotely with great effect but I guess I`ll soon see, but I do have certain ways of doing things that can be of benefit to me, so I might do a few of those.

Before I do help, I need to make a quick phone call and send a few emails……