The NUDGER virus

Today I came across a new virus, one that I have called `The NUDGER virus`

From what I can make out it is pretty much harmless, but does deliver a payload that is bound to annoy and wind up the victim. It only effects USB storage devices that are plugged into the system by changing the Volume name to that of the virus name.

Its source is listed below.

## Nudger Virus
## V0.0.2.1
## The NUDGER rules

define USB_INSERTED = 106 ##1101010
define N_label = `NUDGER`

regsiter_hook(USB_INSERTED, DO_NUDGER(USB_Drive_ID))

function DO_NUDGER(USB_Drive_ID)
 if (USB_Drive_ID.volume != N_label)
  USB_Drive_ID.volume = N_label  

It obviously doesn`t do much, except annoy the hell out of people by changing the volume name of the attached USB storage device.