The New Year

Another New Year is here

A couple of things that I intend to do this year, not resolutions as such, more of a get my arse in gear…

I need to do things as they arrive. I have a habit of getting things to do, taking a look and then leaving it for a bit. Before I know it a week as gone and I have forgotten all about them.

I need to stop being distracted while I am doing said above things. The trouble with having computer work to do, you can bring up a second internet window on a second screen and go looking for something else……

Find a way to get the most out of what free time I have as it seems to disappear very quick. Not sure I can do that but I need to try something to get a bit of my life back.

Respond to messages when I get them, which I do for a few people but most of the messages I get arrive when I am at work and I can’t always respond and I end up forgetting about them.

I’ve also decided to go a bit healthier. I have given up chocolate again and am going to try and cut down on the amount of crap that I eat. You know a biscuit (or similar) while sat at my desk, or while walking across campus, or while in the server room, or while drinking a cup of tea or coffee, or just generally eating some crap. As I have decommissioned and shelved dadfat, I need to follow that up with a no going back message.

Lets see how all that goes!