Online Retailer Account Violated

Cant believe I have had to do this 🙁

Recently I violated one of my Online Retailer accounts with a purchase of what I can only describe as an `Old Lady Trolley`. I seem to have been the only mug that was willing to order it on my account and have it delivered to me.

Thankfully it arrived in plain brown wrapping, along with several other items that I had ordered, so no one could see it. Shit, imagine the embarrassment of the postman going –
“Hello Mr Rice, I have an Old Lady Trolley for you, can you sign here”
to which I would of said
“Get the fuck out, I aint ordered that shit. Some one must be playing a prank on me!!!!!”

I quickly hid the bloody thing and said nothing to anyone other than the person that it was intended for, too many people knowing is a situation that I didn`t want to be in.

Just to share my concerns with everyone, this is the offending item


You see what I mean?

Anyway, no more of that shit, next time I order something it will be female clothes, as there is less embarrassment with those!