Diet, dadfat and a department treat

Today I decided to treat myself to one last treat before I start my diet.

I managed to get hold of a huge Jaffa Cake Cake! using my connections and as a treat for the department I thought I would take it in and share – well I say share, I was contemplating eating it all myself at lunch time.

Only one Jaffa Cake for me

It reminded me of one of the few good times at BOR, where we would have a cake rota and take it in turns bringing in cakes every Friday. There were some lovely ones, ones with chocolate in them, some more with chocolate in them, some other ones with chocolate in them, some different ones with chocolate in them, some unique ones with chocolate in them and the odd ones with nuts in them!! WTF There was also the time that someone decided to hijack the cake rota and bring in fruit! WTF! Not fruit covered in chocolate, not fruit with a chocolate fountain, not fruit with a bowl of sugar but fruit on its own! And then there was the gag about someone dropping their muffin!
How I miss those days with Patsy and her wine bottles, Muffin Lady and her digestives and Haribo`s, Rfer and his shrine and The Hacker with his lady friends!

Anyway, a very nice cake indeed, I will make sure that I bring one of them in again at some point as it was one of the best cakes I have had!! I will however have to say FRO to the diet!